March 10, 2011

Are You Coming?

If a commander gives an order, does the foot soldier ask to see his plan?
When he says “move out”, does he dare say “why” or delay?

If we allow our selfish side to dominate time before God, prayer can deteriorate into an appeal for power, control, security, success, even something as minor as personal comfort.

We say to ourselves, "whatever is bothering me, I can take to God, and because He loves me, He will make it better. He will work for me."

Now, there is a level of truth in this thinking but there is something deeper going on if we are the object of His training program. To be a soldier there must be an individual surrender of power, a transfer of control and definitely the sacrifice of a personal agenda.

"Come, follow me."

"Lord, it looks like I could lose everything if I go that way."

"It is very likely you will."

"Lord, would you let that happen?"

"Don't you understand that you are going to lose everything, it’s just a matter of time. None of this will last."

"Then shouldn’t I enjoy what I have, while I can?"

"You're a soldier."
"You were called."
"You said you would follow."

I start to walk His way, but that selfish side wants to know, so I ask, "Lord, will you restore what we lose?"

To this, I get a direct stare and a very abrupt response.

"I’m finished with this talk; are you coming?"

"Yes, Sir"

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