February 2, 2011

It's a Big Deal

Son, I have something for you to do.

Yes Lord, whatever you ask.

I want you to remove the rocks from that field over there.

So, I remove the rocks from the field, all the time thinking that I am preparing the field for planting.

Already I anticipate the crop.

But what I don't know is that the Lord has assigned the activity of lifting, moving and stacking the rocks as a way to prepare me, not the field.

When He does nothing with the field I worked so hard to clear, it becomes a Big Deal.

This is the point at which we get confused, discouraged, question ourselves and may even become angry with God.
If we go to God and work it through, it can result in greater spiritual stature and a deeper relationship with Him.

If we stay away from the encounter we will most likely degenerate and diminish in our spiritual stature.

He is a Master Teacher but we still must show up for class.

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