January 8, 2011


Dear Lord, please come and fill me and give me your strength..
I have.
Oh Lord, I want to do your will.
Then do it. Get up and do it.
I am weak and you are strong, take over my life and live your life through me.
Why would I want to do that? I can live my life perfectly well without going through you!
Lord......I don't think this prayer is going well!
That’s because you are looking for a way out of discipline and the struggle.
But I was told the Christian life is not about striving and trying to gain your approval.
You don’t want my approval?
Yes, I want your approval!
But you don’t want to strive for it?
Actually, I don't mind striving for it.
You know I can hear your thoughts before you speak them, right?
Okay, I hate striving!
Now we are getting somewhere. Why do you hate striving?
Lord, who wants to be striving all the time? I want to enjoy my life.
My, how you complicate such simple things!
Let me ask you a question. Who knows the joy and satisfaction of mountain climbing?
Mountain Climbers

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