December 19, 2010


When one of our boys has a birthday, it is common for Jackie to go grab their photo album off the shelf , sit them down, and talk with them about those early days of their life.

I love to sit back at watch this:

Mom, with a Grown Son and perhaps his girlfriend or wife at his side. Looking at a Baby Album full of Pictures and Notes. Remembering Page by page, Side by Side……….Looking Back at the Events
“I still have those shoes you wore”
“here are the cards people sent”
“you were so cute”

And the Girlfriends going “ah, look at you……” Can you picture that?

That’s…… sort of, what ought to happen at Christmas.

I like to think that our Lord is here at our side as we open this album of remembrance. I like to think that when we open the Scriptures and read the story; when we play the part and set the stage; when we put on the robes and carry the staff in remembrance of the shepherds visit, that Jesus is right there looking on with us……. and the Father? He’s sitting back enjoying the scene.

A page turns and the Church goes “ah, look at you” and someone says, “who wrote that note?” and we say “his name was Simeon, he was the priest at the Temple where He was…………."

Ah, you know the story. This is good stuff. This is what we do. We look back. We remember. We celebrate.

Now contrast this picture with the experience of being with someone you hardly know.

Mom is pulling down a picture album from the shelf and saying:

"Would you like to see little Bobby’s baby album?" “Here we are entering the hospital. Look how swollen my ankles are…” That’s his uncle Billy, he was such a nice man before he started drinking and…………”

My true response?.................. "Please.........someone, rescue me!"

The key difference is Relationship.

We would like to say to this poor woman: “I don’t know you. I have never met Bobby and I certainly don’t care about his Uncle Billy. None of this is relevant to me.”

"Oh, I see, she says and closes the book.……….Would you like some eggnog?

"No thank you, I really don’t like eggnog."

“Well, we’re going to light a candle and sing to Billy, would you like to hold a candle… they are drip-less.”

"Sure………if they’re ……drip-less."

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