June 21, 2010

Make Waves

Good Morning Lord

It's never over, is it?

Every victory is the prelude to another challenge.

Every failure, a mere set back in the battle.

There is no land to settle.

Make camp, get some rest, pack up and move on.

It has to be this way, doesn't it?

This is not our home. We are destined for another place.

"Enjoy the ride" is much too passive.

"Hold on" is a little better, but reactionary.

"Make waves" has that proactive idea built into it. I like that.

The rest of creation grinds on with no choices, no mission, no objectives; but not us.

We not only fish the stream, we stock it, we dam it, we divert it, if we choose.

For good or ill, we are little gods.

Father, I want to be your son, to be recognizable as your son.

Jesus, I want to be your brother, I want to bear that family resemblance.

Holy Spirit, I want the kindred heart.

I am not satisfied with carnality.

I was made for more and I want it.

Make waves. Make waves.

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