February 21, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Let me show you something,

When life gets out of control and you are confronted with more problems than solutions, you begin feeling like a victim don't you?

Yes Lord, I do. I remember reading that we are prime targets for the Enemy because we have declared our allegience to you.

That is true but it doesn't mean you are a victim.

You've heard the idea that "the best defense is a good offense." You can't put up a good fight with a defeated attitude. That's why I have equipped you with two great tools. One is anger and the other is fear.

Anger and fear, Lord?

I know that seems a little strange to you but that's because the Enemy is so adept at his work. He has corrupted fear and anger just as he corrupted sexual desire.

You're having a hard time with this are'nt you?

Yes, I am, Lord. I know sexual desire is a good thing but I hate fear and I fear anger.
Fear has cut me deeply and anger gives me a sense of power that makes me uneasy....... how can I describe it..... ..?

When I was a boy, there were unleashed dogs all over our neighborhood and I had this feeling of vulnerability when I walked by their territory.

But if I had a stick..... not a twig but a good stick.... at least 3' long and about 3/4 to an inch in diameter...... and if I had a stone, say about an inch in diameter....... With these two in hand, I felt ready, I felt pretty powerful.

Anger is like the stick and stone to me. It has the ability to address my fears but it seems inappropriate to walk around with it. I don't trust it.

So, you are agreeing with me that they are powerful.

Yes Lord, no doubt.

But you can't see them as good, can you?

No Lord.... perhaps in theory, but not for me in practice. I would like them both out of my life.

Just as a woman may refuse the passionate advance her husband because it reminds her of sinful lust? thinking.....................................

You don't want to talk about this do you?

No, you are making me uncomfortable and I would like to walk away right now.

You usually do! ...................Are you staying?

Yes........ Yes, Lord.

What I want you to hear again is that you can't put up a good fight with a defeated attitude. I have equipped you with two great tools. One is anger and the other is fear.

You see their power but you don't know how to use them for good. There is power bound up in fear, and it must be released, draw it out for good.

Your anger bears a force, aim it, concentrate it. All things work together for good to those who love me and are following the my call.

The greater the suffering, the tighter the pull
The deeper the pain, the longer the shaft
The fuller surrender the sharper the tip
The enemies fall by your hand

Do you see this?

Do you understand this?

A little, Lord. Just a little.

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