August 19, 2015

I Gotta Go

Good Morning Lord,

I'm trying to understand what's happening and hoping to find Your purpose.

How did I get to this point?

What good and bad decisions are shaping my world?

Are you punishing me or correcting me?

Did I take the wrong turn?

Should I try to go back?

Do I make a radical change now?

Was I wrong?

Was I right?

What is it, that I am missing?

Would you please just say something!

Not understanding is the greatest torment.

Questions are as prolific as mice. But answers? They are a pretty barren bunch!

Lord, here is what I want to hear:

"Carl, come here. I want you to do something for me...........right now."

At that point, all the complexity of decisions, all the competing agendas and relational demands would be pushed aside to do that one thing, right now you have asked me to do.

God, that would be a most wonderful gift.

I love you , Lord.

I Gotta Go

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